Why You Should Wear a Kilt To Your Wedding

A lot of grooms who decide to wear a kilt for their wedding have Celtic roots, but not all of them do. Lately here at Kilt Rental USA, we have noticed that more and more grooms are donning kilts whether they have Celtic heritage or not. The modern day groom wants to break the conformity of the standard tuxedo & make a statement by wearing an authentic kilt outfit regardless of his heritage.

Quality formal kilts are far from the rugged, dusty, cotton plaid fabrics you will see at the Renaissance Festival. Nor are they anything similar to the casual, camouflage, synthetic/leather kilts that are gaining popularity. Traditional formal kilts are very fashionable and are in no danger of going out of style. You can be sure that 30 years from now you will look back on your kilted wedding photos & still appreciate the fashion statement you intended to make. This is one of the most solid, timeless outfits in the history of clothing.

In the past several years, British woolen mills have created a host of “universal” tartans that were specifically engineered for kilt rentals. These tartans have become very popular for two main reasons.

1 – The tartans can be worn by anyone, at any occasion, and anywhere.

2 – The color combinations are pleasing to the eye & can easily match wedding colors.

Scotland Forever, Irish National, Scottish National, & Pride of Wales are but a small percentage of “universal” tartans that we have in stock for rentals.

If purchasing a wedding kilt is in your budget, this can be a very impactful move that could benefit your great grandchildren. Scottish wool is known for its resilience and strength which means that a custom made kilt can last over long periods of time & still look brand new. I love it when a bride or groom tells me that they have an heirloom kilt in their family. Maybe it’s in a shadow box on the wall, or maybe it just got back from the dry cleaners, either way it’s an important part of that family & its significance will only grow as time passes. Kilts can be worn to all sorts of events, attending a wedding, corporate parties, outdoor festivals, etc. you will not regret investing in one.

Few things are more impressive than a groom & 10 guys decked out in bona fide Celtic kilts celebrating the union between man & wife. If you want to make a statement, one that many will remember for years to come, incorporate kilts in your “special day”.

Wheaton McClanathan

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